4 Ways to Make Cash from Your Phone

4 Ways to Make Cash from Your Phone

So you need some extra cash… Who doesn’t?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make some extra cash from your phone.

These apps and websites are all 100% free to sign up for, and you could start earning today. Let’s go!

1. Get Paid Cash for Your Data

You can actually get paid for your data.

Not confidential info, but you can offer your opinion to help shape future products and services.

It sounds hard, but it’s really simple. They notify you when you can participate, and they pay you after.

Register for free, and start making the easiest cash of your life.

Earn Gift Cards With QuickThoughts

2. Get Paid Up to $225 to Watch Videos

Up next is a site called Inbox Dollars.

You can get paid to watch videos, read emails, and take surveys.

They score an A from the Better Business Bureau, which is always a plus.

They’ve also paid out over $50 million to users, so they are definitely one of the most trusted money making sites to use.

Earn Money Fast with Inbox Dollars

3. Get Paid for Your Opinion

Wouldn’t it be cool to get paid for your opinion? Survey Junkie does that, and with them it never gets boring.

You can take surveys on a wide range of subjects so anyone can do this.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a few prompts to learn what you’re interested in, and you’ll be shown surveys that are relevant to you.

Anyone 13+ can sign up, so it’s an awesome hustle for people of all ages.

Get Paid for Your Opinion With Survey Junkie

4. Get Paid to Evaluate Products Before They Hit the Shelf

People actually get paid to test products, and you can do it too.

Pinecone Research is free to sign up for, and you can earn a decent amount testing products.

If you like to try new things, this could be a great side hustle for you.

Get Paid to Evaluate Products