6 Huge Moves If You Make $5,000 a Month

6 Huge Moves If You Make $5,000 a Month

Getting to $5,000 a month is a huge milestone, but leaving that money in the bank doesn’t make much sense since most checking accounts barely pay any interest.

When you work for money, you want to make your money work for you. Here are 7 huge moves that can help you maximize your earnings, and build a strong financial future.

1. Finally Start That Side Business

If it’s something you ever thought about doing, the best time to start a business is when you already have a job.

It means you can grow the business without taking money from it for personal use.

With all the opportunity right now, like e-commerce and YouTube for example, you can quickly start a lucrative business.

But the main thing is to find your passion, and get started as soon as you can.

2. Make Extra Cash by Getting This Free App

If you could have an app on your phone that makes you money, wouldn’t that be great?

Well QuickThoughts is available in the app store, and has many different tasks and surveys they will pay you for.

It isn’t uncommon for users to make $100 in a month, and you can quickly earn enough points for gift cards as well.

Simply download it and register for free, and you have an extra income source right in your pocket when you need it.

Earn Rewards With QuickThoughts

3. Save On Big Expenses, Like Overpriced Car Insurance

Cutting back on expenses, especially wasteful ones, can change everything. How long has it been since you shopped around for car insurance?

If it’s been a while, you’re most likely overpaying – by hundreds. Experts are urging people to shop around right now as people are driving a lot less.

Luckily there’s a free tool similar to Kayak and Priceline, but for car insurance which saves users an average of $576.

It’s called SmartFinancial. It only takes about 60 seconds, and it will show you an unbiased list of plans in your area that are heavily discounted. You can switch plans literally in a few minutes, all online.

Remember that you’re never locked in to your current plan, and if you switch, they’ll refund the difference. Yup, you should do this now.

Lower Your Car Insurance Rate Now

4. Make Extra Cash Doing Internet Stuff

If you spend time online watching videos, searching the web, or shopping, you need to start taking advantage of this.

You can get paid cash to watch videos, take surveys, and shop online. Not to mention free food and grocery store coupons.

It’s called InboxDollars. They even give you $5 for free when you start.

You won’t get rich, but if you sign up, it could easily cover stuff like Netflix, Spotify, or other bills.

Start Earning Extra Cash with InboxDollars

5. Make Your Rent Payment Mean Something

Monthly rent is a good chunk of change, but wouldn’t it feel better if it was more of an investment?

There are tons of rent-to-own opportunities that could set you up for a strong financial future, and actually leave you with something to show for after spending thousands of dollars.

The Ultimate Rent to Own Program is free to sign up for, and they’ll help you explore opportunities.

It’s also great if you have bad credit or aren’t ready to buy right away.

Owning a home is a special thing, and this is an awesome opportunity to do so.

Learn More About Rent-to-Own Opportunites

6. Earn Extra Cash and Gift Cards by Offering Your Opinion

You know what big companies care about? Your opinion!

The cool thing is there are companies that connect regular people with brands that need feedback. They pay cash or PayPal / Amazon gift cards.

Opinion Outpost is the best way to do so, and its totally free to sign up.

I think a lot of us are willing to sacrifice a few minutes of social media time to earn some side cash.

…At least those of us who care about our financial future.

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