4 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash

4 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash

1. Get Paid to Play Games

Do you shop and have a smartphone? Then you can easily make some extra money every week.

NCP Mobile will pay you to play games, take surveys, and scan your groceries.

You can also claim gift cards for Amazon, grocery stores, iTunes, and more just for opening the app daily.

Download it and register, and start earning some of the easiest money of your life.

Earn Cash + Rewards With NCP Mobile

2. Earn Money For Your Opinion

If you didn’t realize, your opinion is very valuable to companies.

It’s so valuable that companies will actually pay you cash for your opinion on products, services, and more.

Survey Voices is currently accepting new users, and spots are filling up fast.

It’s totally free to sign up, but make sure you complete the first survey for the most earning potential.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

3. Earn Up to $225 Taking Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are an easy way to make cash, but the smart way to do it is to only take the best paying surveys out there.

That’s where LifePoints shines.

They match you with the highest paying surveys, and have their own point system which you can redeem however you want for maximum value.

Again it’s 100% free, just make sure you confirm your email with them after signing up to start receiving the best surveys from them.

Sign Up and Get 10 Free LifePoints

4. Get Paid to Watch Videos

If someone told you that you could get paid cash to watch videos on your phone, you’d probably think it’s a scam.

But listen, InboxDollars pays people to watch videos, test out games, and much more. One minute you could be watching some TikToks, then you could be playing some games.

You’re probably doing this stuff anyway, so why not get paid while doing it?

And hey, if you sign up right now they’ll give you a $5 bonus.

Get Paid to Watch Videos With InboxDollars