7 Clever (and legal) Ways to Help Pay Rent

7 Clever (and legal) Ways to Help Pay Rent

Having your own place is great, but at one point or another money can get a little tight.

We’ve done a ton of research and found some fun and easy ways to get some extra cash in your pocket fast.

Nothing here costs anything do to, and the companies are totally legit.

Let’s get to it.

1. Cash Out Old or Broken Stuff

We all have stuff we know we don’t use, but haven’t sold for some reason.

Sometimes we are still attached to stuff, like your old phone.

But you might surprised how much your old phone is worth (even if it’s broken!)

You can usually get the most for stuff on eBay or Mercari, but Facebook groups / Marketplace, Craigslist, and other buy/sell apps work well too.

There’s also local buyers and pawn shops that will pay you on the spot (less money, but instant).

2. Get Paid to Put a Sticker On Your Car

Ever seen stickers on people’s cars? It’s a form of advertising, and they are probably getting paid a serious amount to do so.

But most people don’t know you can sign up to get your own sticker, and have an easy side income for doing almost nothing.

Stickr.co is a great way to start earning fast, as all you need to do is take a short quiz to prove you actually drive a car.

Once a month you’ll need to take a photo of the sticker on your car, but that’s all it really takes to get your monthly check.

Get Paid for Having a Sticker On Your Car

3. Get Paid Cash to do Internet Stuff

If you spend time online watching videos, searching the web, or shopping, try this app.

You can get paid cash to watch videos, take surveys, and shop online. Not to mention free food and grocery store coupons.

It’s called InboxDollars. They even give you $5 for free when you start.

You won’t get rich, but if you sign up, it could easily cover stuff like Netflix, Spotify, or other bills.

Start Earning Extra Cash with InboxDollars

4. Make $100 / Month by Getting This Free App

If you could have an app on your phone that makes you money, wouldn’t that be great?

Well QuickThoughts is available in the app store, and has many different tasks and surveys they will pay you for.

It isn’t uncommon for users to make $100 in a month, and you can quickly earn enough points for gift cards as well.

Simply download it and register for free, and you have an extra income source right in your pocket when you need it.

Earn Rewards With QuickThoughts

5. Earn Cash and Gift Cards by Offering Your Opinion

You know what big companies care about? Your opinion!

The cool thing is there are companies that connect regular people with brands that need feedback. They pay cash or PayPal / Amazon gift cards.

Opinion Outpost is the best way to do so, and its totally free to sign up.

I think a lot of us are willing to sacrifice a few minutes of social media time to earn some side cash.

…At least those of us who care about our financial future.

Start Getting Paid for Your Opinion

6. Pay Off Your Credit Cards, and Get Free Help if You Need It.

Obviously not having credit card debt will help your finances, and there’s a smart way to go about it.

The avalanche method is great, which basically means you pay extra towards the higher interest rate debts.

But if you have over $10k in debt, there are some opportunites right now to get free help.

The Debt Assistance Hotline will give you options to get rid of your debt, including forgiveness and consolidation, which can result in just one low monthly payment.

It’s 100% free to call and check your options. You don’t have to commit to anything or share personal details over the phone. If you’re struggling, this free call could change everything for you.

Make the Free Call and Learn How to Clear Your Debt (844) 795-8484

7. Make Your Rent Payment Mean Something

Monthly rent is a good chunk of change, but wouldn’t it feel better if it was more of an investment?

There are tons of rent-to-own opportunities that could set you up for a strong financial future, and actually leave you with something to show for after spending thousands of dollars.

Rent&OwnListings.com is free to use, and they’ll help you explore opportunities.

It’s also great if you have bad credit or aren’t ready to buy right away.

Owning a home is a special thing, and this is an awesome opportunity to do so.

Learn More About Rent-to-Own Opportunites